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Showing posts from November, 2012

Throw back thursday.

Omg i so loved this movie when i first saw it!!! Lololol. so of course... these are currently on there way to my house !! Lololol.

My moms portrait.

I was bored and kept saying this is what my mom would look like if she was a stick figure! Lololol. Lools so much alike !!!

If I had a llama.....

My mom thinks that i am crazy for wanting  a llama, but if you ask me it would be fun. By law you cant ride a horse on the freeway, but they haven't said anything about llamas. and if i say so myself... i look absolutely stunning in that photo. so slimming XD

Smells so good!!

Im in love with spraying my room with febreze cranberries and frost! Smells so freaking good!!!

My blog.

Not your normal blog, I will have it based on my story at my profile> Enjoy my lovlies!