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I don't need you to complete me;I just need you to accept me completely.

Officially on season 7 !!

Untitled #179

That shit cray



Fan Emails Answered.( Jessica)

Q: What would you do to someone if they raped someone in your family and you like saw them after?

First I will: Then:
And then: And then: And he/she will be found like:

This is how I described my mom in my Google contacts... Two years ago. What was wrong with me?

Shit you not, this is my sister.

Seriously tho. It becomes the only option.


Goes in dry,comes out wet,the longer its in,the stronger it gets,comes out dripping and start to sag, its not what you think... It's bushels tea bag.


Its saying "Buy me"

Erika, Why don't you shop in Walmart anymore?

Ha, my sister in law

Theme song.


Top five books.

1. The fault in our stars by John Green
2.The Tragedy Paper by Elizabeth Aban 3.Eleanor & Park By Rainbow Rowell 

4. The Plot Against America Phillip Roth 
    5.The Giver By Lois Lowry

Thanks to Emma from Florida for the idea!